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Forster Aktuell

The magazine for customers, staff and friends of the Forster Group.

Issue 1/2017

Perfect display: The CURV

  • XXL gantry
  • Brainprinting: we print ideas
  • Shelving for France
  • Noise Barrier for a green oasis
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Forster Aktuell 1_2016

Issue 1/2016


  • Large-scale adverts
  • A colourful routing system
  • Noise screens in the Netherlands
  • Shelving for Heiligenkreuz Abbey
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Issue 2/2015

Greater road safety on the A4

  • Advertising system for Erste Bank
  • Forster's biggest noise protection project
  • A new home for Oxford's books
  • A routing system for the Traisen valley
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Issue 1/2015

A routing system to boost tourism

  • Advertising allrounder
  • Noise barrier for privacy
  • Information signs for Vienna Main Railway station
  • Production at clean-room conditions
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Issue 2/2014

"Grass swaying in the wind" - Art vs noise

  • Advertising systems made by Forster
  • Signage for WIFI St.Pölten
  • VBA Linz
  • FOREG® TwinSpace shelving system
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Issue 1/2014

Routing system for Vienna's Business University

  • Advertising Technology made by Forster
  • Moving gantry for more road safety
  • Near-track low noise barrier
  • Shelves for Germany's bíggest archive
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Issue 1/2013

Shelving for French State Archives

  • Print & display solutions by Forster
  • Variable message signs for Sochi
  • New sign system
  • Innovative noise barrier
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Ausgabe 1/2012

Snow setting for Forster advertising system

  • Advertising systems made by Forster
  • CE marking of traffic signs
  • Interview with Robert Reichartzeder
  • New home for old books
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