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Nine different contract phases, ...

Nine different contract phases, valued at a total of more than one million pounds, have provided for newmobile and static shelving and for dismantling existing library shelving and re-erecting it complete with newperspex end panels and overhead stabilisers.

In addition to book storage, the new shelving, much of it of the mobile type to maximize available space forstorage, provides facilities to accommodate pictures, archive boxes and various other artefacts. In theMain Library in George Square, the mobile shelving accessible to students is fitted with coloured perspexend panels in varying colours which match those fitted to the re-erected library shelving.

Wherever mobile shelving has been installed, other than on the main floors of the library in George Square,Ecospace has also provided infill floors with the rails on which the mobile bases run being laid on the existingstructural floors. A flush infill floor is then installed over the area with a sloping ramp along one edge toallow trolleys to be wheeled between units. As well as obviating the requirement to chase out structural floors, the use of the infill floor simplifies subsequent alteration or movement to the shelving systems if this is required in the future.

In archive storage areas where climatic conditions are closely controlled, shelving has been fitted withperforated steel end panels to facilitate air flow.

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