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Office shelving


FOREG® Office –
Save space and you save costs.

Varying requirements and different ambients call for a variety of filing and storage solutions. FOREG® Office has the optimal design for every office and every budget. Several designs and dimensions to choose from make sure that a customised solution will be found.

Mobile office shelving, folder shelf
FOREG Office filing

FOREG® Office – the easy solution.

  • Optimise the use of your available floor space
  • Shelving designed as modules
  • Storage space arranged exactly to your needs
  • Combination of storage and conference zones
  • Support for clean desk policy and desk sharing
  • Quick to move

Save space and you save costs – through mobile shelving.

When space is at a premium, FOREG® Office opens up entirely new dimensions. In contrast to stationary shelves and traditional filing cabinets, the system provides access only to the aisle in use at any one time – so that the remaining floor area offers more than double the storage space. Ease of operation to meet users' requirements - whether mechanical with a crank drive, push-pull or electronic.

mobile office shelving
personalised office shelving

Customised design.

Add your own touch. Use FOREG® Office to match the appearance of your shelving to your furniture. Flexible in its design, variable in the choice of materials – from end panels made of metal or glass to fabric-covered acoustic panels.

Additional storage.

The components of the large range of accessories can be combined, retrofitted and exchanged in response to your changing needs. Each part can be height-adjusted by a 20 mm grid same as the shelf panels.

FOREG® Office accessories:

  • Wardrobe bar
  • Leaf doors
  • Drawers
  • Filing cradles
  • Book ends
  • Shelf stops
Office shelving drawer


Emily Wilding Davison Building

Ecospace shelving systems installed throughout new library at Royal Holloway, Egham

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FOREG® Office

Mobile shelving with additional benefits.

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University of Birmingham

New library.

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A new home for Oxford's books

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Technical details

Production in accordance with:

  • RAL quality marks: RAL-RG614/1, RAL-RG614/4
  • GS mark for tested safety
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
  • Certified pursuant to EN 1090-1:2012 - Components for steel and aluminium supporting structures

Dimensions and capacity FOREG® 2000


Florian Kurowski

Sales Office (shelving)

+43 7442 501-473

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